USA Caucus

USA Caucus Goals

  • Encourage development, consideration and passage of appropriate legislation by
    • the US Congress, its members and committees and
    • by state legislatures.
  • Take action in support of, or in opposition to, proposed or enacted legislation and executive orders and regulations that directly or indirectly impact the lives of women and girls.
  • Promote women’s representation in decision-making positions on an equal basis with men.

USA Caucus Members by District

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Sonya Baskerville
International Advocacy Chair

Bobbee Cardillo
Caucus Co-Convener

Verna Frasca
District 1

Alternate: Chris Haley.

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Siobhan O'Hara
District 2

Alternate: Eileen Gilligan

Pam Garvin
District 3

Alternate: Linda Thomas

Marcia Restivo
District 4

Alternate: Kathleen Scanlon

Kayla Galey
District 5

Alternate: Lois Jones

Mary Nagel
District 6

Alternate: Susan Bursztynsky

Penny Briese
District 7

Alternate: Tania Hughes-Kremers

Katherine Cleland
District 8

Alternate: Connie Campbell

Sheila Cook-Cohen
District 9

Alternate: Lucinda Boyd

Therese Hartwell
District 10

Alternate: Bonnie Altare

Betty Houbion Zonta

Betty Houbion
District 11

Alternate: Kathy Johnson

Denise Parrish
District 12

Alternate: Ranelle Randles

Denise Sylvester
District 15

Committees 2022-2024

(Caps is convener)

  • ERA — Katherine, Erma Barron, Bobbee
  • CHILD MARRIAGE –KATHERINE, Therese, Ela, Mary, Denise S, Penny
  • ZONTA SAYS NO to VAW — DENISE P, Mary, Therese, Marcia, Linda, Pam  
  • HEALTH — Bonnie,
  • Women in LEADERSHIP (FORMERLY WORK& EDUCATION (combined) — SHEILA, Ranelle, Gov. Nancy
  • CLIMATE CHANGE –ANGELA, Connie, Siobhan, Bobbee,  Julie T, Connie Eileen

Ad Hoc Subcommittees

  • THINK TANKS — SHEILA, Bobbee, Lee, Angela

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