Advocating for ERA with Sen Portman of Ohio

Connie Kingsbury, Nan Cahall (Sen. Portman's office) and Jane Wiehe

Zonta Club of Cincinnati Advocates for ERA with Senator Portman.

Zonta Club of Cincinnati member and Area 2 Director in District 5, Connie Kingsbury,  shared this great news:  They took the letter in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, signed at NAIDM, and had a visit with Nan Kohnen Cahall, SW District Director for Senator Rob Portman.
She graciously spent about a half hour with us. We shared information on Zonta International and discussed SJ Res 1. She shared that the ERA Amendment has not been top of mind and admitted she really wasn’t familiar with the legislation.
She promised to share the information with the senator.

Overall it was a great visit.

Connie Kingsbury, Nan Cahall (Sen. Portman's office) and Jane Wiehe
Photo: Zonta members Connie Kingsbury, Nan Cahall (Sen. Portman’s staff) and Jane Wiehe

Leave Behind for Sen. Portman

Feel free to borrow, or crib from this document for ERA or other advocacy work.

Letter to Sen. Portman asking  for the support of SJRes 1 to Remove the Deadline for the ERA.

Signed at NAIDM

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