Ayanna Pressley introduces HJRes 25 for the ERA

House Introduces HJ Res 25, companion bill to SJ Res 4, to remove ERA deadline and proclaim ratification.

The House introduced a bicameral, joint resolution to affirm the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and take a critical step toward enshrining equality for women in the United States Constitution. The lawmakers’ resolution removes the arbitrary deadline for ratification of the ERA and recognizes the amendment as a valid part of the Constitution, with the 38-state threshold needed for ratification of the ERA having been met.

The lawmakers unveiled the resolution at a Capitol Hill press conference earlier today. Watch their full press conference here.

“Women have done the work of preserving and defending our democracy for centuries, and it’s high time our laws recognize our contributions and the historic role that we have played,” said Rep. Pressley. “It also is not lost on me that the first time the ERA was put forward, women of color were not part of the conversation – today we’re leading and working in coalition to advance this priority. Our resolution will help address centuries of gender disparities in America by removing the unnecessary barriers that have prevented us from enshrining the dignity, humanity, and equality of all people into our Constitution. We as women have done our job, the states have done their job, and now it’s time for Congress to do its job and pass this resolution.”

“There should be no time limit on equality. Ratification of the 28th amendment is complete. Most Americans already think it is a part of the Constitution. Congress needs to finish its job,” said Senator Cardin. “I’m proud to work with the ERA Coalition, Senator Murkowski, Congresswoman Pressley, and all our colleagues on finally enshrining the ERA into the Constitution and advancing true legal equality on the basis of sex.”

read the full release here:

Pressley, Cardin, Colleagues Unveil Resolution Affirming Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

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