Stop Child Marriages PSA Campaign Launched.

“Zonta USA Caucus has launched the Stop Child Marriages PSA Campaign! This campaign is a [...]

Convention Cancelled due to Covid19

Unfortunately, Zonta has had to cancel the Centennial Convention. More to follow. Read the text [...]

Even in Utah!

Nearly 70% of Utahns support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, according to a [...]

NV, IL and VA AGs File Lawsuit to see ERA Ratified

Dear ERA Supporters, As we shared with you yesterday, the Attorneys General of VA, IL [...]

Child Marriage Stopped in US Virgin Islands!

Unchained at Last and their partners are Excited to announce that Saturday, Gov. Albert Bryan [...]

Jan 9, 2020 ERA Update

ERA Update: Please share with your clubs and advocacy chairs, and any friends who will [...]

Female Genital Mutilation: The Status of U.S. Laws Restricting the Practice

Nine years after the declaration of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital [...]

The case AGAINST the ERA – National Review

“It would bring disaster to the pro-life cause”,  argues the National Review By JOHN MCCORMACK [...]

More complicated than you think: The Equal Rights Amendment

Shannon Coan,   Nov. 19, 2019 After Democrats took control of the Virginia State Legislature earlier [...]