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Has the US Pay Gap gotten smaller? Not much.

Pew Research Updates Study on the Persistent Gender Pay Gap after 20 years "The gender [...]

US Wage Gap State by State- AAUW

AAUW researched the pay gap for Women state by state, and profiled the state laws [...]

Learning about the Gender Pay Gap

CSPAN Education Clips: Shareable at a Zonta Club Meeting: 4 short videos about the Gender [...]

59 Years After The Equal Pay Act, Women Still Struggle For The Bare Minimum

Forbes: On the 59th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, this piece thoughtfully examines how [...]

Equal Pay Days for US Women 2021

2021 Equal Pay Days Equal Pay Day denotes how far into the new year women [...]

Zonta Signs Letter in Support of Paycheck Fairness Act

Please add your own voice to this demand for Paycheck Fairness at Zonta’s Advocacy Action [...]

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Each year Black Women’s Equal Pay Day marks [...]

Why do we need an ERA?

Why Do We Need the Equal Rights Amendment? Most Americans think there is a provision [...]