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59 Years After The Equal Pay Act, Women Still Struggle For The Bare Minimum

Forbes: On the 59th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, this piece thoughtfully examines how [...]

Employers Disappoint Women Workers – IWPR

New IWPR Survey Shows Wide Gaps Between What Working Women Want from Employers and What [...]

Why do some STEM fields have fewer women than others?

UW study may have the answer “There is widespread knowledge that women are underrepresented in [...]

Women in the Solar Industry

Meet the US Women Leading and Shaping the Solar Industry “According to the U.S. Solar [...]

2022 Women are still Struggling –

In Resilient But Not Recovered: After Two Years of the COVID-19 Crisis, Women Are Still [...]

SBA Builds New Focus on Women Entrepreneurs

Exciting Opportunities for Women in Business “If [women] are choosing to walk out of the [...]

This Is How Everyday Sexism Could Stop You From Getting That Promotion

By Jessica NordellGraphics by Yaryna Serkez    NY Times Jessica Nordell is a science and [...]

Paid Family Leave Is Huge Unmet Need

In the United States, just 21% of civilian workers have access to paid family leave [...]

Women Running for Office Held to different, Higher Standard

Proving readiness to serve as Governor: High Hurdles for Women At @BLFF_org we have studied [...]