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Research on the Dearth of Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Policing, Breaking Barriers and Blazing a Path (Full report PDF) Women constitute less than [...]

Federal Employees: What women are looking for in 2021 | Women At Work

Pandemic Hits Women Workers Harder: The beginning of the end of the pandemic might be [...]

Sexual Harassment in Academic Science, Engineering, and Medicine

A Report in 2018 by the National Academies. The persistent sexual harassment in academic sciences, [...]

Covid-19 and Women in the Workforce – Rep Katie Porter

The following are excerpts from the report “The Burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women [...]

A Push To Get More Women On Corporate Boards Gains Momentum – NPR

March 5, 20205:06 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition Among the largest 3,000 largest U.S. [...]

Women Lagging in Top Leadership Positions

LEADERSHIP in Business in the USA More Than Half of Management Occupations Are Held by [...]

Why Women Owe Two-Thirds of America’s Student Debt –

– Investopdia published this article  By CAITLIN KINDIG  Updated Feb 18, 2021 “Americans carry an [...]

Equal Pay Days for US Women 2021

2021 Equal Pay Days Equal Pay Day denotes how far into the new year women [...]

Zonta Signs Letter in Support of Paycheck Fairness Act

Please add your own voice to this demand for Paycheck Fairness at Zonta’s Advocacy Action [...]

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Each year Black Women’s Equal Pay Day marks [...]