Connecticut Ends Child Marriage – Becoming the 9th State

We just stood alongside Office of Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz as she signed the bill to make the marriage age in #Connecticut #18NoExceptions!! #CT is now the NINTH U.S. state where we have helped to #EndChildMarriage — a stunning victory for the nearly 6.5 million girls who live in those states!

“The shocking thing in Connecticut was the number of no votes,” Reiss said. “We just haven’t seen that in any other state, this level of pushback from both sides of the aisle in one chamber.”

Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean a person is now mature, she said. But an 18 year-old who is married is entitled to rights that a minor simply doesn’t have. That’s the goal.

“You simply don’t have those rights before 18,” she said. “The basic rights to leave home, for example, to get into a domestic violence shelter, to retain an attorney to bring a legal action in your own name.”  – Fraidy Reiss, Unchained at Last

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