Drawdown Solutions for Climate Change

Drawdown- Climate solutions

The District 8 Climate Team recommends Drawdown for complete information on solutions to climate change.  https://drawdown.org/


* Gigatons CO2 Equivalent Reduced / Sequestered (2020–2050)

SolutionSector(s)Scenario 1 *Scenario 2 *
Reduced Food WasteFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks90.70101.71
Health and EducationHealth and Education85.4285.42
Plant-Rich DietsFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks65.0191.72
Refrigerant ManagementIndustry / Buildings57.7557.75
Tropical Forest RestorationLand Sinks54.4585.14
Onshore Wind TurbinesElectricity47.21147.72
Alternative RefrigerantsIndustry / Buildings43.5350.53
Utility-Scale Solar PhotovoltaicsElectricity42.32119.13
Improved Clean CookstovesBuildings31.3472.65
Distributed Solar PhotovoltaicsElectricity27.9868.64
SilvopastureLand Sinks26.5842.31
Peatland Protection and RewettingFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks26.0341.93
Tree Plantations (on Degraded Land)Land Sinks22.2435.94
Temperate Forest RestorationLand Sinks19.4227.85
Concentrated Solar PowerElectricity18.6023.96
InsulationElectricity / Buildings16.9719.01
Managed GrazingLand Sinks16.4226.01
LED LightingElectricity16.0717.53
Perennial Staple CropsLand Sinks15.4531.26
Tree IntercroppingLand Sinks15.0324.40
Regenerative Annual CroppingFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks14.5222.27
Conservation AgricultureFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks13.409.43




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