ERA Update 8-22: A Lot is in Motion, Action Needed.

From the ERA Coalition: Updates from Congress (House and Senate) and the States    
  • Join Daily Kos and the ERA Coalition in urging Majority Leader Schumer to schedule a vote on S. J. Res 1, which removes the time limit– Sign the petition here and share it with your networks 
  • During the discussion, we were reminded of the importance of winning a Congressional vote on bipartisan S.J. 1, which has 53 co-sponsors, including all of the Democrats and two Republican Senators. This level of support sets the ERA up for a reconciliation vote (a procedure that overrides the filibuster Senate rules, which may otherwise require a 60 vote supermajority for passage). We were also reminded that the President has the power to order the publication of the ERA, but this action is sure to result in a series of court cases that will likely end at the Supreme Court, Based on the ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, this Court would likely issue a ruling that strikes down the Amendment. 
  • Dr. Colleen Shogan, Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation Board Chair, has been nominated by President Biden to serve as Archivist of the U.S.

ERA State Statutes Review Project Update:   For anyone interested in state level ERA activities and Constitution Day activities , please reach out to A.J. Conroy at: ajconroy1837@gmail.comor at: outreach/

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