Hijacked #SavetheChildren – Take it Back


Qanon has hijacked the #SavetheChildren and is courting folks to their disinformation sites by talking about Sex trafficking.

What should we, as informed individuals, do then to actually fight for children who are wrapped up in sex trafficking?
  1. Don’t go for the QAnon click bait, don’t share, don’t join the groups, and let your friends know this is a fringe, discredited, conspiracy theory by commenting on friends who do share.
  2. Follow and share legitimate organizations that have been doing this work for years. Pay attention to what they say, as well as what they don’t. (You won’t find any of them endorsing QAnon conspiracies. If there were truth to them, these are the folks who would be first in line to shed light on it and do something about it.)
  3. Here are some legitimate organizations to check out:
You can also learn more about child sex trafficking on the United States Department of Justice website.https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ceos/child-sex-trafficking

Child sex trafficking is worthy cause to get behind.

Just makes sure you’re getting behind the real issue, supporting real organizations with the expertise to help, and avoiding conspiracy theories that only serve to distract from the real work being done to actually #SaveTheChildren.
Here’s what the internet companies need to be doing: https://www.nytimes.com/…/qanon-internet-companies.html

Qanon Nonsense – more reading

From the Upworthy article “But these outrageous child sex trafficking conspiracy theories like those pushed by QAnon are harmful. Child sex trafficking is a very real, very serious, and very lucrative industry that organizations and governments have been battling for a long time. But QAnon isn’t just saying “child sex trafficking is real and important and we need to shed a light on it.” They’re saying “There is a secret, global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who control everything—including politicians, the media, and Hollywood—and who engage in child sex trafficking and ritual sacrifice to harvest adenochrome from children, and Trump is here to save us all from their evil and it’s only a matter of time before they all go down.”
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