Historic ERA Caucus Announced in US House of Representatives

Why An ERA Caucus, Why now?

“For far too long, women and LGBTQ+ folks have been relegated to second-class legal status in America—our contributions ignored, erased or rendered a footnote in history—and it’s high time we change that,” said Pressley.  “Congressional intent is powerful and congressional caucuses are powerful. It’s long past time we codify the dignity and humanity of all.”

“Through this caucus, we will make sure constitutional gender equality is a national priority,” said Bush, “and that we continue to honor the long legacy of women and activists, especially Black women leaders, to build an inclusive multi-generational and multi-racial movement that guarantees the rights of all people in our country once and for all. Because equality is overdue.”

Reps. Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley Launch Congressional ERA Caucus—’Because Equality Is Overdue’

Read the full article at Ms. Magazine. 


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