Historic Hearing on the ERA

Today the U.S. House will hold the first full committee hearing on the #ERA since the 1970s.



Summarized in outline form.  Please follow the link above to read  the full  10 page brief (PDF)

I. The ERA Affirms the Equal Human Dignity of All Americans

As a diverse, ecumenical Christian community formed to advance a moral vision of human rights in the United States, Justice Revival supports constitutional equality for women and for all Americans based on our faith convictions. We advocate in collaboration with a national interfaith movement of organizations and leaders similarly committed to equality through the ERA. This coalition (known as #Faith4ERA) shares the conviction that adopting the ERA is the moral and just course of action  …. 

II. Numerous Human Rights Commitments Call for Equality & Non-Discrimination

The United States has made numerous, legally binding commitments to respect the principles of equality and non-discrimination, which are foundational to human rights. Every major human rights instrument our nation has endorsed, including the landmark Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), obligates our government to eschew discrimination based on sex, as well as race, religion, and other factors.15

III. The ERA Will Empower Congress to Better the Lives of U.S. Women and Families

Adopting the ERA is the moral and just course of action, and it will better the lives of American women and their families. The Equal Rights Amendment will enable Congress to take the bold action needed to safeguard against violence, abuse, and discrimination against women and girls.

IV. Women and Girls Face Pervasive, Gendered Abuses, which the ERA Will Address

  • A. Violence Against Women
  • B. Female Genital Mutilation
  • C. Child Marriages
  • D. Pregnancy Discrimination
  • E. Pay Discrimination 
  • F. Sexual Harassment
  • G. Human Trafficking

V. The ERA Is Needed to Ensure Women Receive Equal Protection 

VI. Existing Constitutional Protections for Women are Contested and Vulnerable 

VII. The ERA Does Not Mandate Abortion Rights, but Addresses Root Causes of Abortion 

VIII. The Time Limit on Ratification Can and Should Be Removed 


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