Needed: ERA Sponsors to Remove Deadline

Needed:  GOP Senators to Co-sponsor ERA (SJRes 6 to remove the deadline)

Dear all I was privileged to be on a call on ERA today with Senator Murkowski:

1. Call to ACTION— Repeat the work we did in Washington DC two years ago! Need all US Senators (bi-partison) on board as co-sponsors of SJRES6 – Removal of the ERA deadline. (I’ll follow up with Bobbee, Ela and Megan for an action alert)

2. The Senate briefing will be held TOMORROW from 9:30-10:30 am ET on Thursday, July 25th, in 188 Russell Senate Office Building. The briefing will be livestreamed at, and it will be recorded there for later viewing.
3. Sen. Murkowski is committed to removing the deadline. She’s asking for all groups to contact their senators to become co-sponsors:
Essentially she and Sen. Cardin are anticipating that Virginia will Ratify (more on that below), and they need to get senators on board as co-sponsors. She says we need to 1. get all co-sponsors from the last session back as co-sponsors 2. get a new set of bi-partisan co-sponsors. Zonta developed a training and script for meeting with Senators. Every state should reach out and meet with their Senator’s staffers in their offices between Now and Sept to demand co-sponsorship. (see attached).

<Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.38.10 PM.png>

See the attached updated powerpoint for Clubs and individuals to call their Senators to Co sponsor Senate Joint Resolution to Remove the Deadline for ERA . Calls an be made, or even better, meet with your Senators staffers in you home state, or in Washington DC.


4. Virginia is the next emphasis. VARatifyERA is looking for sponsors for their ground actions: I would like to propose that the Zonta USA caucus be a sponsor (we can crowdfund if needed I will set up a go fund me if needed) : here’s the details from the VARatifyERA team:
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