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Elect Equality 2024 a National Campaign of the ERA Coalition

Join the Work to Elect Equality Candidates who submit the questionnaire and meet the criteria will go on  the National Elect Equality list, supported by the hundreds of member organizations of the ERA Coalition.  This is political and Non-partisan way to highlight ALL candidates [...]

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Violence Against Women

Anniversary of the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

The National National Domestic Violence Hotline policy team joined other advocates and senior Biden-Harris Administration officials from across the government to celebrate [...]

Advocacy Voting + Democracy

Tips from Women Talk Politics

Women Talk Politics is a space for women to engage other women on the importance of voting by talking about the issues [...]

Advocacy End-Child Marriage

Missouri advances Law to End Child Marriage

The current Missouri state law allows 16- and 17-year-olds to get married in Missouri as long as they have parental consent. The [...]

Advocacy ERA Reproductive

USA Women’s Strike June 24

USA General Women’s Strike has been called for on June 24, 2024. Join the Women’s Strike 2024! Show your support for reproductive [...]

Advocacy DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Meet-Board Membership

Men for Gender Equity


Zonta Report from CSW to USA Caucus:

Zonta Report from CSW to USA Caucus: Pam Perraud  reported that this year’s CSW  was largest by far with approximately 5000 registrants [...]

Advocacy End-Child Marriage

Virginia Ends Child Marriage

Virginia becomes first Southern state to abolish child marriage April 16, 2024 Virginia became the 12th U.S. state and first in the [...]


ERA status 2023/24 = Ratified and waiting Publication

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL President Kamala Lopez joins National ERA Publication Task Force Co-Chair Jean Sweeney and OB-GYN Dr. Eileen Murphy to explain [...]

Advocacy ERA

Sign and Share  the petition for the ERA.  

Sign and Share  the petition for the ERA. Two Efforts: Sign4ERA.org and ShoutforEquality.com All Districts, All clubs, All members. Sign4ERA.org challenge. Your [...]


UN- CSW Convention on the Status of Women 68

The 2024 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) took place March 11-22 in NY City as well as virtually. Read more [...]

Advocacy Bulletins UN - CSW

March Zonta USA Advocacy Bulletin

Equal Pay USA Women at work

Equal Pay Day – All women 2024

The USA Caucus of Zonta International, representing over 8000 members in the US, has issued the following statement in conjunction with Equal [...]

Advocacy Equal Pay USA Women at work

2024 Equal Pay Day Calendar

2024 Equal Pay Day Calendar Equal pay day is how far a woman has to work into the following year to achieve [...]

Advocacy End-Child Marriage

Washington State Ends Child Marriage

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signs into law bill HB1455 to End Child Marriage We Ended Child Marriage in WA state: Governor Inslee [...]

Advocacy ERA

Your Mission: Sign 4 ERA to 100,000 Signatures

All Districts, All clubs, All members. Sign4ERA.org challenge. Your task is to dramatically increase the numbers of ERA petition signers in your [...]

Advocacy Bulletins

ZontaUSA Feb 2024 Advocacy Bulletin

Updated information about: Ending Child Marriage UNCSW Equal Rights Amendment Violence Agains Women Climate Action   https://zontausa.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Zonta-USA-Caucus-Advocacy-bulletin-Feb-2024.pdf

Advocacy Bulletins

ZontaUSA January 2024 Bulletin

Advocacy Violence Against Women Zonta Says No!

Materials to Print and Share on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Materials. Download or request and share at your next Zonta Club meeting.

Advocacy Climate Action

COP 28 Climate Conference: Key Takeaways

What happened at COP28? Here are some takeaways, focusing on Collaboration, Public and Private Partnerships, sprinkled with some hope. https://www.re-tv.org/articles/cop28-the-key-takeaways  

Climate Action

Severe Winter Weather – What Can Zontians Do to Make a Difference?

 After the November Think Tank Zonta USA Caucus Think Tank presentation recap:Severe Winter Weather – What Can Zontians Do to Make a [...]

Climate Action

COP28 signals new Agreements

COP28 Agreement Signals “Beginning of the End” of the Fossil Fuel Era COP28 closed today with an agreement that signals the “beginning [...]

Advocacy ERA

Sign 4 ERA Petition

Support the Equal Rights Amendment! Sign4ERA.org What the Petition Says: I strongly support the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution [...]

Advocacy Equal Pay USA Women at work

Equal Pay Day for Native Women

The USA Caucus of Zonta International, representing over 8000 members in the US, has issued the following statement in conjunction with Native [...]

Advocacy End-Child Marriage

End Child Marriage in WA Chain-in Press Event in Olympia

Please RSVP by Dec 15th Child marriage is an urgent problem in Washington. Dangerous legal loopholes allow parents to enter a child [...]

Advocacy Reproductive Womens Health

Roe v. Wade Overturned: Guttmacher Inst. Shares

Abortion Rights and Access in the Post-Roe Era The US abortion access landscape continues to shift rapidly in the wake of the [...]

Violence Against Women Womens Health

Rape Kit Backlogs in the US States

Washington State has cleared its Rape Kit backlog. It took a fearless survivor who persisted, and a team of State officials to [...]

End-Child Marriage

U.S. Government joins the UNFPA-UNICEF Global Program to End Child Marriage

Zonta has supported ending child marriage since 2014, contributing US$2 million to delay early marriage in Niger from 2014-2018. From 2018-2022, Zonta [...]

End-Child Marriage

Child marriage is still legal in California. How could this be? | Opinion

Opinion- Fraidy Reiss Sept 23, 2023 …”Instead, as The Sacramento Bee reported recently, California law continues to allow children of any age [...]

Advocacy Bulletins

October , 2023 Zonta USA Caucus Advocacy Bulletin

Read the October 2023 Zonta USA Advocacy bulletin

Advocacy UN - CSW

The 11 biggest hurdles for women’s equality by 2030 – UN Women

There are only seven years left for the world to fulfil the promises made to girls and women in the 2030 Agenda [...]

Advocacy ERA

ERA counter- arguments for nay-sayers

Here is one of the ERA Project’s scholarly memos that the Heritage Foundation was responding to in that article, if you’d like [...]

End-Child Marriage

Burbank CA Event to End Child Marriage in CA

Press Event Oct 5th. Noon – Burbank City Hall steps Speakers: Ela Pandya, Coalition Lead, Zonta Porterville, Arranged Marriage Sara Tasneem, Survivor [...]

Climate Action

Severe Winter Weather – How to Deal with the Storm

By:  Julie Trone, Verna Frasca Severe Winter Weather – How to Deal with the Storm Mark Your Calendars: November 5th Think Tank [...]

Violence Against Women

California Commission on Violence Against Women

As an ally to survivors of domestic violence, we should all engage with the State commissions on Violence Against Women with your [...]

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