NGO CSW 66 Forum Report Released

What did the Forum Deliver?

Advocacy with Member States

This year, our advocacy with Member States was a particularly strong point of ours. A big part of this was our Advocacy & Research Group who developed and disseminated their Zero Draft Recommendations earlier than usual in December. This allowed more of our recommendations to be included in the initial Zero Draft of the CSW66 Agreed Conclusions. Member States, especially those of the CSW Bureau, heard and considered our inputs, and gave us helpful advice for our advocacy efforts.

We formed more effective relationships with Member States than ever before. We engaged them in our virtual Vienna Cafe sessions, during the Civil Society Briefings, Consultation Day, and other events and processes during the Forum to allow our community access to Member State engagement as well.

Youth Engagement

While we’ve always recognized the importance of youth voices and activism within the gender equality and CSW spaces, the NGO CSW66 Forum saw more youth engagement than ever!

We ensured that there were youth involved in all of our events. Besides our Youth Preparation Series hosted by the YLYPs, we also had youth leaders in the Consultation Day program, participating in Vienna Cafe sessions and at least one youth facilitator for each Conversation Circle, to name a few examples.

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NGO CSW 66 Report

Who is NGO CSW/NY?

NGO CSW/NY facilitates a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organizations globally who lobby for their inclusion in the UN deliberations in pursuit of gender equality.t.

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