UNITE Campaign by UN Women

Join in with UN Secretary General and UNWomen to UNiTE

The year 2020 is an important milestone for the issue of gender equality and work on preventing and ending violence against women and girls, as we are marking 25 years of the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action.

  • You can make a difference during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and protracted state of crisis it has generated across the world; you can support women and girl survivors of violence to stay safe and free of violence.
  • The Secretary-General’s UNiTE Campaign to End Violence against Women (UNiTE Campaign) calls on everyone, from individuals to the private sector, to come together and take action to support survivors and share information to prevent and end violence against women and girls during this unprecedented time. Everyone has a role to play.

Take action!

Whether you own a grocery store, are an individual or part of a governmental response to the crisis. You have a role to play. under the banner of the UN Secretary-General’s 7 Point Call for Action, you can call for:

  • Increase investment in online services and civil society organizations,
  • Make sure judicial systems continue to prosecute abusers,
  • Set up emergency warning systems in pharmacies and groceries,
  • Declare shelters as essential services,
  • Create safe ways for women to seek support, without alerting their abusers,
  • Avoid releasing prisoners convicted of violence against women in any form,
  • Scale up public awareness campaigns, particularly those targeted at men and boys.


  • Orange your social media | let your community know you are there for support, share support resources, information about available services,
  • Donate to your local or national shelter or hotline service,
  • Orange the world by speaking up against cyber violence,
  • Make a personal commitment to not condone or accept violence, and to speak up,
  • Have conversations with family and friends about the negative impact of VAWG onindividuals and communities,
  • Educate yourself about the causes and consequences of VAWG,
  • Donate to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.

Civil Society

  • Ensure women and girls in your community know where to access help and services by using social media and newsletters,
  • Advocate for increased funding to ending violence against women resources, including funding shelters and hotlines,
  • Invest in building capacity for duty bearers to prevent and respond to cyber violence,


Private Sector

  • Invest in technical solutions to aid government and civil society response for survivors such as online and text support,
  • Invest in creating safer spaces on- and offline for women and girls,
  • Donate to local women’s organizations,
  • Donate to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.Essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Post orange signs with your national hotline information near your cash registers
  • Make sure individuals know your establishment is a source of safety and information

Download the full UNiTE  campaign here  https://www.unwomen.org/-/media/headquarters/attachments/sections/what%20we%20do/evaw/unite%20campaign_2020_concept%20note_final.pdf?la=en&vs=2808

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