Virginia Getting out the Vote for ERA

“This past February, Virginia was ONE (devastating) VOTE SHORT of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. If Virginia Ratifies the ERA, they will be the 38th and Final State. On November 5th, every seat in Virginia’s General Assembly is up for election and equality advocates are mobilizing to turn out the vote.

This is non-partisan work, asking voters to turn out to support Equal Rights.

YOU can help make history in Virginia:

  1. Phone bank: Virtual phone banks are available, all you need is a phone, a computer, and a (free) ActionID logon. Please send us a note to get started! (training available)
  2. Text – Do the Hustle!! Use the Hustle app to text voters in Virginia. Please Send us a note to get started! (training available)
  3. Amplify on Social Media: Amplify the campaign via social media (@VAratifyERA and @iScream4Equality). Scroll through our posts and repost. Talk about the Equal Rights Amendment in your own words. Tell people what YOU are doing to GOTV in Virginia. Invite friends / neighbors / colleagues to join you in making history. (Amplify @ZontaUSA ERA posts)
  4. Fundraising: Grassroots efforts need grassroots fundraising! You can give directly to the VARatifyERA campaign or find plenty of fundraising ideas on VARatifyERA’s website. No fundraiser is too big or too small when equality is on the line! (not affiliated with Zonta International or ZontaUSA)

Come to Virginia: From Women’s Equality Day (August 26) through Election Day (November 5) we will cruise the state for a sweet #iScream4Equality ice cream tour and everyone is welcome to volunteer. Supporter housing is available around the state. Drop us a note if you plan to come and we’ll hook you up with someone local. ”

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