Vote Equality: Vote Climate. Use scorecards to know who supports what.

Questions, questions!

(Carole Theobald District 23 Futurist/Leadership Coordinator)

This federal election is our opportunity to ask questions of candidates on what steps they will take to progress gender equality and reduce global warming. These may seem like simple questions, but it is often difficult to find the answers in today’s world of soundbite media coverage, greenwashing, and personality politics. The social disruption caused by the Covid pandemic may have put global gender equality back 36 years. By mid-century, over a billion people could be displaced by extreme weather events caused by climate change. Social disruption at this scale will put gender equality back further. Taking climate action today is essential to maintain any hope of closing the gender gap and achieving gender equality in the future. This edition of the Zonta Says NOW News explains where Zonta stands politically and empowers us to get the most from this election by applying the five-pronged approach from our Framework for Action: get the facts, lead by example, add our voice, advocate, and collaborate. This election provides a small window of opportunity to turn things around, so please act now to empower your candidates to work for a gender-equal, sustainable world. Every action counts, so please don’t sit on the sidelines; get involved! .

Want to Elect Climate Champions? Here’s How to Tell Who’s Really Serious About Climate Change



Elect Equality

ERA coalition

The 2022 elections are critical to ensuring that our elected officials and those in positions of power at both the state and federal level are pro-equality and agree that there is no time limit on equality. The Elect Equality Campaign provides voters with the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on their position on the ERA. Our interactive tool allows voters to be informed before heading to the ballot box with the click of a button.

The ERA Coalition will send a survey to obtain information directly from the candidates in all federal races and the state legislatures of the 12 unratified states. We will additionally be launching our new ERA Certification stamp of approval to award candidates who have shown their commitment to equality.


Elect Equality

Vote Climate

It is important to understand where your elected officials and candidates stand on climate so you can more effectively communicate with them.  For the U.S., check out this article and sites:
Jane Austin- USA Caucus has identified these scorecards:
And for a broader and longer-term perspective on congressional votes on environmental issues:
Visit our Resource Library to find more topics and information