Women in the Solar Industry

Meet the US Women Leading and Shaping the Solar Industry

“According to the U.S. Solar Industry Diversity Study, women represented only 26% of the solar workforce in 2019, while gender non-binary employees comprised 1.4%. Of the 26% of women represented in the solar workforce, only 28% hold manager, director or president-level positions — and the differences are even starker for women of color.1

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Meet the Women Leading and Shaping the Solar Industry

How to Support Women and Minorities in the Solar Industry

There are several ways you can support women and minorities in the solar industry. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use a diverse supplier for your next clean energy project

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has made it a mission to make the solar industry more inclusive, even forming a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Leadership Council. To support diverse ownership, they’ve created a Diverse Suppliers Database you can use to identify potential partners or contractors for solar projects.27

2. Support or volunteer with a solar nonprofit or organization

The solar nonprofits we mentioned above (as well as many others) are dedicated to promoting sustainability among diverse and underprivileged communities. Consider donating your time or supporting one of these organizations to make solar more accessible to everyone.

Click here to donate to Grid Alternatives.

Click here to donate to or become a member of Solar United Neighbors.

Click here to become a member of the SEIA.

3. Read the Diversity Best Practices Guide for the Solar Industry

Part of the SEIA’s mission to make the solar industry more inclusive is teaching members and others about how to best stay informed and proactive about encouraging diversity in the industry. The association partnered with The Solar Foundation (TSF) to make a Diversity Best Practices Guide for the Solar Industryfor solar business owners and the public to be better informed on how to build systems to support inclusion in the field.

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