Women Lagging in Top Leadership Positions

LEADERSHIP in Business in the USA

More Than Half of Management Occupations Are Held by Women

In 2019, women held 51.8% of all management, professional, and related occupations.32

The 2020 Fortune 500 list published in May revealed a record high for the number of women CEOs (37). In comparison, men held 463 CEO positions in the Fortune 500.33

The Overwhelming Majority of Boards Are Still Dominated by Men

In 2019, men held 74% of S&P 500 board seats, while women held 26%.34

  • In the top 200 companies in the S&P 500, only 6% of board seats were held by women of color. Four percent were held by Black women, 1% by Latinas, and 1% by Asian women.35

In 2018, men held 77.5% of Fortune 500 board seats, while women held 22.5%.36

  • Only 4.6% of these seats were held by women of color.37

Source: https://www.catalyst.org/research/women-in-the-workforce-united-states/

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