Your Mission: Sign 4 ERA to 100,000 Signatures

All Districts, All clubs, All members. challenge.

Your task is to dramatically increase the numbers of ERA petition signers in your state:

Get all your members, social media followers, community partners and more to go to (with the /?Zonta we get credit) and sign the petition to publish the Equal Rights amendment. Where do we stand now? See the map above.  Track progress realtime at the Sign4ERA website tracker

. We are pushing to get 100,000 signatures, and then want to blast thru that to 150,000.

Shout for Equality

If you have a younger, mobile phone audience, the new campaign Shout for Equality goes to the exact same petition. So open up your tiktok or instagram account and amplify from the ERACoalition, or start your own campaign from (this is a radical new campaign that uses voice technology to open up the petition site. do, get your badge (see comment below) and pass it on. Shouting helps you blow off steam and take action at the same time. Go do great work.


learn more about the Equal Rights Amendment and Take action!

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