ZontaUSA Climate Think Tank – Water

The Zonta Says NOW Think Tank consists of Zontians who are interested in progressing gender equality and climate action.

Think Tank members have online meetings via Zoom where they can exchange ideas and discuss what is happening at home and abroad about climate action.

Between them, members of the Think Tank provide the information for this website and explore ways to progress gender equality and climate action. We are all sharing our knowledge and experience – and learning by doing.

If you would like to join the Think Tank, please send an email to Zonta Says NOW so we can put you on the mailing list for the Zoom meetings.


Next Think Tank Will be in September

Continuing our discussion on water, we were joined by the following two experts.

Valerie Cleland advocates for policies that protect and restore our oceans. Prior to joining the National Resources Defense Council, she was a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellow in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, where she worked to develop, analyze and guide oceans legislation through the committee process.
Alyson Meyer Gould is a staff attorney and director of policy for the Colorado Water Trust. She previously worked in private practice, focusing on the representation of water districts, contractors and property owners in federal, state and water court, and administrative proceedings.

Recording below:

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