What is Zonta – What We Do

Zonta is an International Membership Organization 
 Building a Better World for Women and Girls:
 Empowering Women Through Service and Advocacy

Zonta is a non-partisan, non- religious organization.  Zonta Clubs are found across the USA, and worldwide, and virtually. Members work together on projects and advocacy to improve the lives of women, locally, nationally and internationally. Zonta is a Consultative member of the UN, active in policies and work that improve women’s lives.  We provide scholarships for women and girls, and we support International and local service projects. 

The USA is a Zonta Country

(A Zonta country is a country or nation that has a chartered Zonta club within its borders.)


The United States is where Zonta Was Founded in 1919, the USA has more than 300 Zonta clubs in 46 States.  


Zonta clubs are chartered by Zonta International, and abide by the mission and rules of Zonta in building a better world for women and Girls.  There are thousands of Zonta Clubs in more than 60 countries, and the number is growing constantly. 

Find a Local Club

To find a Zonta club near you, a list of Zonta Countries and a club locator is at the Zonta.org Locate a Club page.  Zonta has special consultative status with the UN, and promotes equality through funding projects throughout the world. 

Z-Clubs are Zonta sponsored high school clubs, located around the world.  Golden Z-Clubs are College level clubs.  Z-clubs and Golden Z clubs share the same mission as Zonta, Empowering women through Service and Advocacy.

If you are looking to apply for one of Zonta’s many international or local scholarships, you apply with your nearest club. You can find a list of Zonta’s USA clubs here;Locate_a_Club.aspx


Zonta International’s Programs,

Member led and supported.

About the Zonta USA Caucus

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