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Learn more about trafficking myths and misconceptions.

Did you know human trafficking victims are often recruited by someone close to them, like [...]

Justice Department Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking

Department Strategy Supports National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. [...]

Reporting Wage Theft, Human Trafficking in the US

Assistance for Victims of Trafficking  (Via ACLU)  To report a trafficking in persons situation to [...]

Hijacked #SavetheChildren – Take it Back

Qanon has hijacked the #SavetheChildren and is courting folks to their disinformation sites by talking [...]

Zonta Teaming Up With Truckers Against Trafficking

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Zonta of Cheyenne teamed up with Truckers Against Trafficking Wednesday and Thursday [...]

Zonta Teams up with Truckers against Trafficking

A wonderful way to get the Zonta Says NO message on the road! The Zonta [...]