Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking- Learn More

The Advocacy committee of the Zonta Club of Yakima Valley has been working to build awareness of Domestic Minor Trafficking (DMST) and Human Trafficking issues in the Yakima Valley as an ongoing advocacy project.

The have created a Network and engaged in community training to recognize and prevent  Trafficking.

10 Things You can do to Fight Human Trafficking

1. Educate yourself! Learn more about the issue of human trafficking by reading articles or books and watching documentaries. Check the list of recommended reading on the DMST page of the Zonta website (link below). An informed opinion will enable you to speak with confidence on the subject to others.

2. Spread the word! Share information on your social media networks. Post links to websites, articles and posts of interest to build awareness amongst friends in your social circles.

3. Talk about it! When appropriate, bring up things you’ve learned about trafficking with family members, friends and colleagues. You’ll often find that the most common response is that they didn’t know it was happening right in your own community.

4. Support a local community organization! There are groups in your community that are already working to fight trafficking in your area. Join in their activities and share your skills and knowledge to support their work.

5. Attend human trafficking events! In your region there are often events where you can hear speakers with involvement at a state-wide or national level that will inspire you or where you can watch documentaries where you can learn more.

6. Host a book discussion or movie viewing in your home or church! Invite friends to discuss a book or watch a movie on human trafficking. Your enthusiasm will often inspire them to get involved.

7. Organize an event in your community that will bring together interested people to learn more and get involved in solutions. These meetings can lead to the development of strong grassroots efforts for change.

8. Donate! Provide financial support to local anti-trafficking organizations, attend their fundraisers and encourage others to attend too. Strengthening their organization financially will do much to help them in their efforts.

9. Publicize the national human trafficking hotline – (888) 3737-888 by distributing posters, sharing flyers, and informing others. Ask people to put the number in their cell phones so that when they see something, they can call in to report the incident or ask for guidance.

10. Become an advocate for the rights of victims in your community. Speak to groups and organizations, encourage others to get involved, and provide material and emotional support to front liners in your community. They need to know that you support their efforts. Learn about bills that are before legislature and write to your elected representatives to tell them how you feel about the bills.

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