Expansion of AMA Policy on Female Genital Mutilation H-525.980

The American Medical Association 2017:

AMA: (1) condemns the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM); (2) considers FGM a form of child abuse; (3) supports legislation to eliminate the performance of female genital mutilation in the United States and to protect young girls and women at risk of undergoing the procedure; (4) supports that physicians who are requested to perform genital mutilation on a patient provide culturally sensitive counseling to educate the patient and her family members about the negative health consequences of the procedure, and discourage them from having the procedure performed. Where possible, physicians should refer the patient to social support groups that can help them cope with societal mores; (5) will work to ensure that medical students, residents, and practicing physicians are made aware of the continued practice and existence of FGM in the United States, its physical effects on patients, and any requirements for reporting FGM; and (6) is in opposition to the practice offemale genital mutilation by any physician or licensed practitioner in the United States.



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