Know your IX offers Title IX State “Playbook”

To do effective advocacy for enforcement of title IX, you need to work at the State and Campus level.  Zonta clubs can do this effectively by checking your state laws and school policies against standards like those outlined in Know Your IX’s State Policy Playbook.  Districts can hold trainings on Title IX at District Conferences, and encourage clubs to “adopt a campus” or work collectively at the State level to update state policy.

This resource is part of Know Your IX’s  State Policy Playbook. The Playbook outlines key reforms that students, advocates, and state policymakers can pursue to support survivors on campus, keep students safe, and end gender-based violence in school.

Each of the tool on the the Know your IX’s website has guidelines, best practices and resources, including sample letters to send to State legislators or Campus administrators.

  • Campus  Transparency
  • Prevention
  • Safe and Confidential Reporting
  • Resources and Accomodations
  • Fair Disciplinary Procedures
  • Funding Safe Campuses
  • Strong Enforcement
  • Harmful Policies to Reject

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