Women Running for Office Held to different, Higher Standard

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Proving readiness to serve as Governor: High Hurdles for Women


we have studied gender dynamics in gubernatorial races for 20+ years. Our research shows that women are held to a different and higher standard when they seek executive office.

“Ready, Willing, & Electable: Women Running for Executive Office (2019)

This research, which asks about hypothetical Asian American, Black, Latina, lesbian and white women candidates of the two major political parties, comprehensively examines what it takes for a woman to prove to voters she is ready to serve in executive office.


In 2018, a record number of women were elected to Congress, but it’s a different story when you look at governorships. Today, only nine women serve as governor, tying a previous record first set in 2004. That means only 18% of our current governors are women.”

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