Zonta Says NO! to Violence Against Women Toolkit Released 2022

Announcing the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women Toolkit has been updated for the 2022 campaign and has been posted to the Advocacy Tools page under My Zonta.

A direct link to this PDF can be found here: https://www.zonta.org/images/docs/MyZonta/Tools/AdvocacyTools/ZontaSaysNOToolkit.pdf


We look forward to your Zonta Says NO actions and urge you to become familiar with the Share Your Story Platform along with joining Zonta’s social media communities (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube).

And, be on the lookout for more information to come about the Zonta Says NO Summit, Tuesday, 29 November!


If you’ve made it this far through the email, a treat for you is to go to this link and get the tagline to use for your logos!https://www.zonta.org/Web/My_Zonta/Tools/PR_Tools_and_Logos


I wish you the best with your upcoming and ongoing work to build a better world for women and girls.


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