Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking 

 The Red Sand Project was first launched by Molly Gochman in 2014. It came about as a response to a realization that there are tens of millions of individuals who live in modern slavery – including those in forced marriages, forced labor, or sexual exploitation. She sought a way to raise public awareness and engagement and began by filling the cracks of the sidewalks around the Art Basel Miami Beach pavilion with red sand. 

Download this project Sheet

Do your own Red Sand Project

 Invite your Club, friends and family, etc. to join you at a specified date and time. It is suggested you plan to have at least 15 people participate. You should also seek permission to use that location. 

Order the sand from the Red Sand Project website ( Plan for 7 days for processing plus shipping. The sand is free except for the cost of shipping. It comes is small packets as shown on the picture above. 


  • Sudden or dramatic change in behavior 
  • Lack of freedom of movement 
  • Person lacks personal possessions 
  • No stable or suitable living conditions 
  • Person is coached on what to say 
  • Person is fearful, timid, or submissive 
  • Person often defers to another 
  • Denied food, water, sleep, medical care 
  • Disconnected from family and friends 
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