New Title IX Rules 2022 Protect Survivors:

Biden Administration’s proposed rule would provide much-needed changes for student survivors. Some examples:

Require schools to respond to all complaints of gender violence – regardless of where the violence occurs, and to take “prompt and effective action” to all complaints, as opposed to the Trump-DeVos rule that only required action for “deliberately indifferent behavior.”
Require schools to respond to complaints of sexual violence that have the potential to threaten students’ ability to participate in their education.
Provide students with protections against retaliation after reporting discrimination, including for LGBTQ students, and pregnant and parenting students.
Clarify that bans on sex-based harassment include harassment based on gender identity and sexual orientation
Creates and encourages far more fair processes, including equitable treatment for complainants and respondents, and by requiring schools handle cases of sexual assault with the same standard of proof as they do in other comparable issues (the Trump-DeVos rule had erroneously created a much higher standard).

  • Know your IX Email 6-23-22

Biden’s Title IX reforms would roll back Trump-era rules, expand victim protections

The Department of Education said Thursday that it plans to reinstate Title IX regulations tossed out by the Trump administration. Proposed changes would combat sexual discrimination in schools by boosting victim protections and modifying language to include sexual orientation and gender identity for LGBTQI+ students.

Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, more commonly known as Title IX, which protects students from sexual discrimination in educational programs and activities.

  • Dustin Jones NPR News

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