In Her Shoes Project Sheet

 Experiential Learning About Domestic Violence

 In Her Shoes is designed for learning about domestic violence. Participants move, do, think and experience the lives of battered women. Participants are given a card (or share a card, depending on the number of participants) describing the background and current situation of a character. Stations throughout the room contain color-coordinated plot cards that align with each character. 

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Checking your phone, email, or social media without your permission 

Putting you down frequently 

Isolating you from friends or family 

Extreme jealousy or insecurity 

Explosive outbursts, temper, or mood swings 

Any form of physical harm 

Possessiveness or controlling behavior 

Pressuring you or forcing you to have sex 

 As groups are led to different stations, they read through scenarios their character faces with their partner and various systems, and make choices about their character’s next steps. 

Following the participants’ experiences, it is key to hold a debrief discussion. The discussion may include what was learned, how the experiences of the characters differed, and how what was learned might effectuate changes in the community. The discussion also provides the facilitator the opportunity to dispel myths and misunderstandings – and provide information about domestic violence experiences in the community. 

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