REDress Project Sheet – MMIW VAW Project

 An opportunity for awareness and dialogue about  Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls 

 The display of the red dresses provides an opportunity for dialogue about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and offers a space for voices to be heard and stories to be told. 


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When compared to national averages, Indigenous women are: 

▪ 2.5 times more likely to be assaulted 

▪ 2 times more likely to be stalked 

▪ 5 times more likely to experience interracial violence 

▪ 10 times more likely to be murdered 

More than 1 in 3 Indigenous women will be raped in her lifetime. 

6 in 10 Indigenous women will be physically assaulted. 


 Once the dresses catch the public eye, a conversation should be had about the terrible situation that involves the high number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. 

 The displaying of red dresses as part of this project is to be a visual reminder of the “staggering number of women who are no longer with us” according to the originator of the project. Thus, the project is essentially to hand red dresses in a public place – outdoor space is preferred – where it is accessible to more people and is more of a draw for the public. 

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